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near 50 at noon and low 50's in the afternoon. this evening, it is cooler at 40 to 45 degrees and at the coast we have no frost this morning, 38 to 43 and cloudy and mid-to-upper 40's by noon and low-to-mid 50's with a light dreys and upper 40's for evening plans. now, the traffic. >> a short work week and we are seeing that on the roads. light conditions. 101 southbound, it is light. and the marin ymca and central san rafael, light conditions. you can see the golden gate bridge, light traffic. and you have the four lanes for the southbound commute, as you move into san francisco it is light. headed south on 101 from santa rosa it is looking good. and slowing from the central valley but it picks up through livermore and the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 from
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hayward to san mateo under 15 minutes. kristen and katie? >> in the last hour work crews on the bay bridge ended a long night to continue the installation of 25,000 l.e.d. lights. amy will tell us, this is all for a new art project live from the embarcardero. amy? >> all in the name of art. they let us join them up there. look at the access we were given on this first overnight shift of the installlation. the plan is to have 25,000 l.e.d. lights grace the western span of the bridge. they will flicker, dim, brighten and have pretty patterns for two years. the artist says he is also assessing and creating while he installs. >> we are 40 percent of the way there in terms of installation and soon we will be able to turn on lights and seeing what they
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can do. it is something i can not jut create in the studio in new york and send the file down. i have to sit here, be with it, and tune it like a musical instrument. >> he thinks of this as his "studio." the project is privately funded. the website is still seeking donors for the $8 project. the artists says it will be the largest light sculpture in the world, four times larger than the light installation on the eiffel tower. drivers can not see it, they do not want to distract drivers. the best place to view it is on the embarcardero in san francisco where you can stroll and look up and look at this installation for two years. they will flip the switch in two months on march 5. live from san francisco for abc7 news. >> sounds cool. it is 6:03. now, developing news, friends and family of a missing 19-year-old petaluma girl resume
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their search in lay -- lake tahoe area. alyssa byrne was last seen at horizon resort after midnight on new year's day. her cell phone was last used at 12:03 later than originally thought. teams have searched the area near the hotel and are going room to room. $1,000 reward is offered for information leading to her return. our news reporter is in petaluma with a live report in our next half hour. >> the three primary suspects in the murder of a venture capitalist are schedules to appear in court. one of the suspects appeared yesterday. he and two others are charged with killing the entrepreneur in the mansion. the defendants are eligible for the death penalty so they may talk to make a deal. >> it puts a lot of pressure and attorneys discuss that issue with their clients carefully. it is a tremendous bargaining
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chip for the prosecution. >> dixon from am made -- alameda is another suspect in the case. >> another suspect was taken off the street because of computers. a shot spotter system set off the system and officers headed to 84th seconds after gunshots were picked up by the system, a group of microphones set up around the neighbor. >> the way it works, when a gun is fire our sensors are trained to detect large boom or bang sounds that are similar to gunfire. it shows given the technology, the right resources and the correct direction, we can make a dent in violent crime. >> a special team found the man police say had this require fell. he has a hit of committing
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violent crimes. >> palo alto is asking for disaster relief to get millions in damage because of flooding from a creek. the damage is $2.7 million and they do not have the money to make repairs of with the next big story. a bump station and bridges and leaf you you -- levees have been damaged. >> a federally mandated improvement project shuts down a runway at san francisco international airport for three weekends this month. the work will cut the hourly number of flights in half and could result in delays for some west coast flights. crews will install safety upgrades including new lighting systems and navigational aids. the first weekend close you -- closure is next friday. traffic and weather is next on the abc7 morning news with no
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problems on the san mateo bridge. tail lights headed west look good. we have the full accweather forecast to talk about when the rain is coming back to the weekend. >> hotel state down under ends in
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>> welcome back. ten minutes after 6:00.
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we will talk about this moisture in the air with the possibility of blackening. less likely the last couple of days but it is out there, the possibility. now, the latest temperatures. we are 33 in livermore and concord. 32 in santa rosa. 30 in fairfield. near 40 on the east bay shore, low-to-mid 40's along the coast into san francisco. high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's but the rain is on the way tomorrow afternoon and sunday. dry on monday. >> we have a couple of mass transit delays to report. we have train 3 getting a late start from stockton because of freight train traffic. bart is reporting a ten-minute delay with police activity in fremont and richmond and millbrae with the police activity cleared so we hope to have the delay next time we speak to be cleared. in other problems and muni is on
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time. the toll plaza shows metering lights off and light traffic headed into san francisco. kristen and katie? >> in from australia, an american tourist is in serious after after falling from the hotel window. it happened today on the gold coast. the tourist fell a story through a glass wall originally police thought it could have been an assault but it was an accident. media reports say the tourist could be from the los angeles area. >> ahead, bullet proof armor for kids. >> later, actor patrick dempsey versus starbucks, pitting
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>> dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. 6:15, or almost there. you can see the high clouds overrunning high pressure keeping us dry. there is a possibility of sun this afternoon and possibly a halo, so there will be neat optics but do not look straight at the sun. but you know that. temperatures will be in the 30's inland and a colorful sunrise and upper 30's and low 40's for the rest of us, from noon through the afternoon, temperatures are in the low-to-mid 50's and in the evening, it will be dry with temperatures in the low-to-mid 40's so you will need a heavier coat. >> new this morning, in the last
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45 minutes the labor department released a december jobs report. the unemployment rate went up slightly to 7.8 percent for december and 155,000 jobs were created, and analysts say companies continue to hire although the white house and congress were battling over the fiscal cliff. stay with abc morning news at 6:30 we will have the opening bell live from the new york stock exchange as investors react to the new monthly jobs report. at 6:45 we will check in with bloomberg. >> with applause japan opened the stock exchange for the first time in 2013 this morning starting off with triple digit gains nikkei rising 209 points. the struggle japanese yen dragged down stocks last year trying to recover from the tsunami in 2011.
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from the technical world, if you thought the heated rivalry between samsung and cap people could cool down, think again. a tech analyst firm tells reuters that samsung will widen their lead in smartphone sales in 2013 over apple. their sales will grow by 35 percent because the company offers several different kinds of phones. apple expected to do very well with smartphone cells growing by 33 percent. this afternoon, aism another mass shooting visits the families of survivors of the sandy hook elementary school, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be in connecticut tomorrow to meet the families in a private setting. she was shot in the head two years ago at a campaign event and forced to retire from the injuries. tonight a benefit concert will be held for the sandy hook victims at new vision church. >> in the wake of the tragedy another company is offering
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bullet proof clothing for children. it is made by a company in columbia that makes bullet roof items for adult, and the owner has been getting e-mails asking for children's sizes. among the items being made are backpacks and vests. the owner lands -- plans on selling them in the united states. interesting to hear the response. >> looking ahead to the forecast on friday, will it be outdoor weekend? >> well...depends on your definition. early saturday, maybe you can get stuff in. >> if you like the rain, it is your week end. now, trying to make everyone happy, it is dry weather, but mostly a lot of fox extreme weather center. coming up on 6:18, you can see looking down to the west, into san francisco, it is quiet, and not as hazy as it was this time yesterday. there is more moisture in the air. the frost where it is developing
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it is thicker. it is quiet and we will keep it running because tomorrow afternoon, it looks like it is good again. 32 in fairfield, the cool support and 30 in walnut creek. mid-30's along the peninsula and low 40's on the east bay shore and low-to-mid 30's in san francisco. monterey is a good air mass. today, sunny and dry. the rain comes this tomorrow, and, again, on sunday, and then we have dry weather for monday can tuesday. temperatures from 53 in antioch to santa rosa, oakland, fremont, san jose and half moon bay at 58. to the south, warmer and low 60's and morgan hill, at 59 for you. tonight with extra cloud cover but no frost and in the
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mid-to-upper 30's and mid-to-upper 30's to 40's around the bay explore and the coast. the high pressure is holding on right now deflecting the energy from the storm to the north. it is getting over run by the high clouds so that will make it interesting. here is a look at the rain, it is coming in tomorrow afternoon. it will be light-to-moderate at times and you can see the yellow over san francisco at 3:00 and taper in the evening. we get a break overnight and sunday morning, around 11 clock, it starts to move in to the north bay, light-to-moderate and the storm system sweeps from north to south across the bay area and it will take longer than the first one tomorrow. rainfall amounts are quarter to three quarters in the east bay and up to an inch in the mountains. monday and tuesday, it is dry again, and a slight chance of rain on wednesday, and thursday is dry again with temperatures in the 50's all seven days.
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have a great weekend. >> we have delays out of central valley train three running ten minutes behind schedule. bart delays will be cleared up shortly, with early police activity but it is cleared and gone. it will be five or ten-minute delays in fremont and richmond and millbrae area. no problem with muni and if you travel around and trying to make your way to work or wherever you may be going here the drive times, 24 from walnut creek to the tunnel and under ten ten minutes and sluggish from the central valley but if live more it picks up to 685/80 junction and you can see crowded conditions here on 80, the east shore freeway, but it is moving and it picks up with no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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>> thank you. actor patrick dempsey will find out if he will get a second career. >> george lucas decides to sell his 16 and -- company and is ready for another big change. >> katy, next, father talks to katie about trying to reunite his family ar
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>> welcome back, clock turned to 6:24 on friday, a day that is dry as we look at the last three hours on radar. it will be dry in the afternoon, with high clouds and sunshine, with the 50's around eureka and big sur, and headed up to the sierra we are in the 40's, and 33 by sunday, with light snow developing and down in southern california, we will be in the 60's to near 70 the next two days. sunday, rain is likely and cooler and 62. safe travels. katie? >> tully's coffee has a new owner, actor patrick dempsey. the announcement came before midnight. the investment team will pay $9 million for the business. his team was one of seven groups interested including starbucks. he decided to make a bid because he plans on spending month time
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in seattle where the show is set. the bankruptcy judge will make the purchase official next week. >> star wars creator is engaged. the 68-year-old direct is going down the aisle with long time girlfriend. the 43-year-old was chairman of dream works animation and a financial contributor to abc "good morning america" and they have been dating since 2006. >> top members of congress accuse the c.i.a. of misleading the makers of the osama bin laden raid film "zero dark 30," claiming they were told harsh interrogation techniques tracked down the terrorist mastermind but a senate investigation found waterboarding and other methods produced no useful intelligence. senator feinstein wanted to know what information they were given. this afternoon, a legendary head coach will step down with a news conference at 3:00 this afternoon after telling abc7
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last month he was contemplating retirement. the 58-year-old has been the spartan head coach for 34 years and led the team to 29 section championships and 17 state championships. he led the team to a record 151-game winning streak and last month, they won the fourth straight title, a powerhouse and you can say he earned the retirement. >> absolutely. >> 6:26. still ahead at 6:30, princess diana, 15 years after passing, the photo never seen before is now surfacing. >> cars crashed and the falling trees damaging vehicles and blocking traffic late into the night. >> live from petaluma, a local girl has gone missing. the community coming together. in south lake tahoe where she went missing new clues. the story is ahead in a live
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report. >> good morning, live from the abc7 traffic center, you can see light conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights on and no delays on the upper deck headed into san francisco. we will update the early bart delay and an ace train delay from stockton because of freight train traffic otherwise we have a light short work week and short traffic conditions.
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 6:29. opening bell is about to ring on wall street to start the trading day. this is a live picture from the
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new york stock exchange. the labor department released the december jobs report last hour with the unemployment rate up slightly for december. however, jobs were also created. analysts say companies continue to hire although the white house and congress were battling over the fiscal cliff last in. stay with abc7 morning news because at 6:45 we will check with bloomberg and see how investors are seeing this as positive or negative. >> thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am katie marzullo. we have a weather change. >> change tomorrow. but this morning, mike? >> a change this morning with frost not so widespread. we will keep it running because former the rain returns. as far as what will happen today, we are going to have high clouds and sunshine, so it looks like we will have a gorgeous sunrise with the clouds. temperatures in and around the bay from 32 to 45 in san
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francisco. we will be in the low-to-mid 50's during the afternoon and inland neighborhood we have the frosty spot this morning with high clouds and upper 40's and let to mid-50's around 4:00 but this evening low-to-mid 40's. on the coast it is not as cool at 38 do 43 through 7:00 in the mid-to-upper 40's for lunch time. light wind. high clouds. sunshine and low-to-mid 50's at 4:00 and cool evening here, mid-to-upper 40's. now a time for check of traffic. >> no major stalls or accidents with friday morning we have an ace train delay, number 3, 5- to 10-minute delay because of early it from train problems from stockton. bart had an early delay that is cleared. that is back on time. muni is on time and everyone is on time and 80 berkeley it is crowded but still moving and no
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delays when you reach the bay bridge toll plaza. our abc7 traffic showing 580 very moderate traffic up and over the pass and to the livermore area with no red line or yellow lines so traffic is moving at the limit. this is a free app to navigate your commute you can download on apple app store or google play and it is handy. it is on my phone. it works well. kristen? katie? >> we start with a developing story. we have been following this all weekend. this morning we could lend new details in the search for a missing teen who disappeared on new year's eve in south lake tahoe. we are joined from petaluma with how people are trying to help out in the search. >> when you talk of the new information that comes from the nevada investigators would will have a news conference this morning. here in petaluma this is one of the scenes where people are doing something, have to do something to try to help the
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effort to find missing 19-year-old alyssa byrne here with a fundraiser. others, as well, and more in that in a moment. the real focus is south lake tahoe where she disappeared new year morning. >> i hope she is out there and alyssa byrne if you are, just come home. auburn burn was at a concert new year's eve. her last two communications were from the concert site and shortly after midnight she was back at the horizon hotel where she was taking and she saw someone there would she knew and she used her phone and texted or tweeted they are not sure. look at tweets that came out from alyssa byrne 1. "after tonight you will never be part of my life" and another says "just lost all my trust in the person i trusted the most." they look like the words of someone who is very depressed or
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very sad. however, investigators are not sure she wrote them. >> still a debate as to the actual author of the tweets and we have investigators in petaluma, california, right now, interviewing the persons to try to nail that down. >> investigators checking out the bank account to see if there is new activity and checking room to room at the hotel. this is where there will be a fundraiser at "beyond the glory" and another fundraiser in santa rosa at well. everyone here is trying to put money together, put energy together, to support the many people, the dozens, who have left petaluma and gone up to south lake tahoe to get out the word the woman is missing and they need to bring her home. live in petaluma, for abc7 news. >> this morning, a stretch of
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road in berkeley has been re-opened near telegraph avenue, a few blocks from the uc conference. they had to dig up a street to get to a pipe. the water has not damaged homes or businesses but had have been half a dozen water main breaks because of a combination of cold weather and aging pipe. columbus parkway has reopened after hue tree branches fell on the passing cars around 6:00 last night when the branches estimated to weigh several tons broke off the trees and fell on traffic. police say no driver or passengers were injured. a passing minivan was crushed and two other cars were badly damaged. it took city crews more than two hours to cheer the roadway. the 26-year-old custodian accused of a deadly new year's eve shooting in san jose will be charged with murder today. hernandez is accused of shooting a 36-year-old in an underground garage on monday morning.
6:35 am
police say hernandez was following his boss' order to retain or detain, rather, the suspected car thief until police arrived. the attempted citizen's arrested developed into a struggle that ended in gunfire. >> concern of flooding caused by expected high tide is forcing cal tran to close lots in mill valley starting today. the lots at highway 101 was a problem during storms with cars sufferinged this damage and users complained they were not warned of potential threat. cal tran will clearly post the closure days in time. >> this morning the newly sworn in congress will vote on a $9 billion aid package for victims of super storm sandy, a fraction of the $60 billion in aid 9 senate has approved. the house adjourned before a vote this week. that outraged northeast politicans on both sides of the aisle who attacked house speaker
6:36 am
boehner causing him to put it to a vote today. the package covers flood insurance for regions backed by sandy and the house leadership promises a vote on a separate package on january 15. >> the first family is enjoying their vacation in hawaii, and the president and his daughters went for shaked ice last night, and he emerged from a restaurant with what looked to be an order of assorted flavors and disappeared into the crowd. the president early in the day took the girls bowling. >> shaked ice. >> is hawaii warm enough for you? >> sounds lovely. >> we do have warmer temperatures, although not that warm, and the big change is the reason why. we will talk traffic and weather next. a live look outside, the golden gate bridge, traffic is fine and dry and mike nicco has the full accweather profit and the traffic center. >> princess diana as we have
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>> welcome back. good morning. at 6:40 on friday. our weather system to the west will stay there but high clouds in the form of white and green, a deemer moisture headed our way so we have filtered sunshine and temperatures that will reach 50 at noon and hang out in the low-to-mid 50's through the afternoon hours. this evening, you need a nice coat, with temperatures in the 40's the rain arrives tomorrow afternoon, and a second system will bring rain. sunday is dry again with most of us go back to work on monday. now, what about work? >> a short work week for a lot of folks and we have first reports of a stalled big rig east 580, partly blocking the right lane if pleasanton, the
6:40 am
reverse commute. traffic is moderate flowing nicely for friday morning. we have train three running late. bart is back on time and no problems with muni or other mass transit. slow traffic from antioch moving to pittsburg and san mateo bridge is getting busier with the tail lights headed westbound but traffic is slowing with no stalls or accidents. >> kristen and katie? >> never-before-seen photo of a teenaged princess diana has surfaced and will be auctioned off later this month. the black and white image showed a smiling diana lying down on the lap of an unidentified man reading a book. the words "not to be published" are written across the photo. on the back it is dated february 26, 1981, to days after
6:41 am
buckingham palace announced the engagement of prince charles and the then diana spencer. the man is not prince charles. >> be interesting to see how were it fetches. >> it is back. relax. high-tech feature coming to more cars. >> work on the bay bridge, crews work on an art project. >> investors react to the december jobs report. this is live with the dow up a hair, under four points like to bloomberg at the
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>> san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> if you are traveling, good news, check out radar over the state: it is dry. it will remain dry. high clouds and sunshine every where with low to upper 50's and big sur and lake tahoe, light snow and 33 by sunday. it is dry in southern california today. mid-to-upper 60's. rain is likely by sunday. katie and kristen? >> thank you, mike. now a look at what is coming up on mechanic america at -- on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good friday morning, high school basketball star who is forced to tan every day. he suffers from a disease so rare, so mysterious doctors have no idea what causes it or how to cure it. the only thing they know that helps the young man, is visiting a tanning salon every day. that is next.
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right here on "good morning america" today. >> a project to make the bay bridge the largest light sculpture is halfway to the finish line. our cameras were on the bridge as crews put up the first of 25,000 l.e.d. lights on western span. each light can be any of 225 levels of brightness and will splash in alternating patterns. >> it is intelligent lighting. each can be individually controlled with a lot of accuracy. so, that is what is unique. that involves doing a big network and data and a lot of things that most people will not be aware of. >> the project expected to be complete the by the first week in march is now 40 percent complete. >> the anticipated consumer electronics show if las vegas begins monday and two companies promise a look at their self driving cars one is toyota which has posted a five-second clip of
6:46 am
the car outfitted with various sensors and the other company is audi which claims their car can find a packing space and park itself. prototypes are not new and google has been test driving cars for three years. tune in to abc7 to find out about the latest gadgets with live reports on monday and tuesday from las vegas going with abc7 news at 4:30. >> we americans know that eating junk food is bad but don't you dare dry to take it away from us. a poll finds americans know the nation has an obesity problem but we are split on what the government should do. most draw the line at any policies that will foist healthy options on people. the study blame the problem on the fast food industry and easy access to junk food. >> have you ever heard of couch-gating. kfc hopes to make sure you know what it is. >> chase bank is under the
6:47 am
microscope for a role in the madoff scandal. we go to bloomberg with a flurry of information. jane? >> a busy day so far on this friday a stand off between j.p. morgan chase and the drury -- treasury inspector general refusing to hand over documents having to do with their relationship with madoff and they facing punishment for refusing to give the documents to investigators, the inspector general is giving chase until friday to comply and chase says the documents are protected by attorney-client privilege. investors responding to the latest employment numbers, the jobs report for december showing the pace of job growth held steady at 7.8 percent. the labor department says november was 7.8 percent and they revised that up slightly from what they released in early december and the market numbers
6:48 am
are pretty much aspected and not reacting very much at all as you can see. we have a mix and little direction so far. the bloomberg s valley index is trading lower. when it comes to getting people to relax and eat while watching sports on tv, kfc is applying to register a trademark official sonsor of couch gating, which is nautilus today as a sponsor for the super bowl and speaking of the super bowl, watch for super models at the super bowl with a new go daddy girl named, a firm sports illustrated swimsuit model. >> wonder where the appeal is? >> pretty obvious. >> mike has a look at the forecast. >> appealing? rain? is it? >> we need the water.
6:49 am
>> we need more snow. and water. absolutely. now, outside, it is on the way, you cannot stop it. look at high clouds. a beautiful sunrise. when we get the sun up, we will make for beautiful pictures from mount sutro out of a system that brings us rain tomorrow. right now, still dry for the morning commute. we are freezing in fairfield at 30 and 32 in sap -- santa rosa and mid-30's town more 30's in the bay. and 37 in monterey and 37 in gilroy and rain tomorrow, and sunday, and dry, again, monday and tuesday. today's temperatures show coolest in antioch at 53, and everyone else is starting to be
6:50 am
in the upper 50's around santa rosa and san jose and half moon bay at 58 degrees with low 60's most places around monterey bay inland, and morgan hill is short at 59 degrees. extra clouds mean no frost tonight mid-30's to 40's inland and around the bay sure and to the coast. high pressure is still holding on but getting overrun by the high clouds and shoved out of the way by the system that will bring us wet weather this weekend. tomorrow morning, the extra clouds, by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00, the light-to-moderate rain is moving in the heart of the bay and it could rain sooner and light-to-moderate rain through the early evening and we get a break, in drizzle later in the evening, and overnight it is quiet but by sunday morning light-to-moderate rain moving in the north bay and next system moving from north to south and taking longer to get through the bay area than saturday system
6:51 am
that moves from west to east. the green shows higher elevation, the mountains in the north bay up to an inch and quarter to three quarters around the east bay. seven-day outlook shows temperature in the low 50's and cooler by sunday. we will hang in the throw mid-50's monday and tuesday with dry weather and slight chance of rain on wednesday. have a great day. >> in richmond reports of an accident in the left lane westbound 580 at 23rd. i do not see significant slowing yes. we will watch that. we have busier northbound 87, moving from san jose toward 101 freeway with in problems. we had early debris southbound, and traffic was stopped but now the southbound direction is moving at the limit it is light, with a short work week and folks are continuing on with their new
6:52 am
year's holiday. >> katie and kristen? >> five things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns in
6:53 am
>> welcome back at 6:54, and gorgeous sunset looking back on the city of san francisco. beautiful colors out there this morning. dry at this moment. chilly. rain is coming.: folks the sun is just coming up. >> as we get ready to hear from "good morning america", five things to know. a news conference is expected in south lake tahoe for an update on a missing petaluma teen. friends and families plan to resume the search for 19-year-old alyssa byrne who disappeared new year's east.
6:54 am
number two, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will visit the families of the connecticut victims this afternoon. she was shot in the head during a campaign event two years ago and will meet privately with the families. 20 children and six adults died in the connecticut school shooting. >> throw, the labor department says the unemployment rate went up slightly to 7.8 percent for december, up .1 percent from november. 155,000 jobs were created last month. >> number four, senator john kerry, them natured to -- nominated to be next secretary of state prepares if confirmation and will win confirmation easy in the senate in the next two weeks. >> five, the bay lights project on the bay bridge is now 40 percent complete. crews worked overnight to string the first of 25,000 l.e.d. lights on the western span. the project is set to be completed in march.
6:55 am
the bridge will then be the largest light sculpture. >> four minutes until the top of the hour and we will check with hike for a last look at the accweather forecast. mike? >> good morning to you. the temperatures and how to dress this morning: near freezing in the north bay and east bay valley. mid-30's along the peninsula and upper 30's in the south bay. low-to-mid 40's along the coast in san francisco. we will have high clouds and sun and low to upper 50's in most areas. the accweather seven-day outlook shows rain. tomorrow afternoon and more rain sunday. it will be dry on monday and tuesday. >> we are headed back to the bay bridge toll plaza with light conditions and they have not turned on the metering lights that is how light it is. traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco. a problem spot is is train three delayed five minutes. we still have an accident west
6:56 am
580 at 23rd in the richmond area blocking the left lane of traffic there. >> that does it for now. the morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning america" and we are always on at there is a twitter account now for sutro sam, the
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good morning, america. and breaking this morning, big news for the u.s. economy. the brand-new jobs report. signs that hiring is on an upswing and america is spending again. are we headed for a jobs boom this year? caught on tape. the highway patrol officer caught on camera, allegedly arresting dozens of drivers on false charges. even tasering one. the trooper of the year now facing a massive class-action lawsuit. were her superiors covering up her lies. mcdreamy takes on starbucks and wins. he saves lives on "grey's anatomy." now, he is saving jobs. rescuing a popular coffee chain from collapsing. why he made this personal house call. and take a look at this intriguing, new photo of princess diana, going viral overnight. the most famous woman in the world at 19, with a mysterious man. the photo marked, not to be pu
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